MI3 : Media Industries, Infrastructures and Institutions


MI3 is a collective of researchers who investigate the current transformations of media industries and institutions with particular attention for the material infrastructures and political, social and cultural conditions that shape media production and distribution and, thus, different sorts of media content. MI3 organizes events, discussion series and seminars  that offer a space for productive exchanges between media scholars and creative practitioners. We also meet regularly for inspiring discussions of our research projects, recent publications and trending topics within the media industry.

Currently we are particularly interested in

  • media transformations in pandemic times
  • the environmental impact of media production and circulation
  • the role of technologies and data-driven processes for changing distribution practices and standards
  • the relations between local, regional and transnational dimensions of global screen worlds
  • changing notions of creativity/limitations to ‘creativity’ within the media and creative industries
  • media that matter; civic engagement in media industries and institutions
  • programming, curation and film festivals
  • work conditions and precariousness within the media industries
  • artistic research

If you are interested to join our discussions, please contact us.