MI3 : Media Industries, Infrastructures and Institutions


MI3 research projects

Cinephilia and Subscription Economies
The project examines how Cineville, a subscription-based service offering unrestricted film access at participating cinemas in multiple countries, influences contemporary cinephilia within subscription economies in The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Germany.

Distributing Queer Cinema
The project examines the history of queer film distribution from the 1980s to the present, with a particular focus on Germany and the distribution company Salzgeber.

Towards sustainable film production the Netherlands
a research project commissioned by the Dutch Film Fund that aims at stimulating eco-friendly film production in the Netherlands

The role of women in Dutch media
a quantitative research project that maps gender inequity in the Dutch media industry

Green screenwriting for a sustainable future
a collaborative project with social scientists to inquire how  screenplays of films and television series can become more environmentally aware

Creative processes in a data-driven television industry
an ethnographic research project that explores how the Dutch television industry uses and negotiates viewing data (interview in Dutch)

Online/Offline: Film festivals during the pandemic era
an edited book project that documents disruptions in the festival world and uses the pandemic lens to rethink festival studies’ core concepts and methods

Research collaborations

MI3 members participate in various projects of the CLARIAH Media Suite, a digital research infrastructure for audiovisual media hosted by the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision:

MI3 members also participate in the CULTURAL AI project RE-FRAME which investigates the journalistic practices of using digital tools for (re-)using audiovisual materials.

Individual projects by MI3 members

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