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#3 From Screenplay to Performance

Let’s Talk Screenwriting: #3 From Screenplay to Performance
(16 December 2019)

(Screen)Plays create the characters of a film, television show or theatre production and, to a certain degree, determine their actions and fortunes. What role do writers play in the process of transforming their texts into performances? How do actors work with (screen)plays and how do (screen)plays frame their creative expression? What is the role of a director or dramaturg in this process? And what are the differences between film, television and theatre regarding this process of creating a performance from text?

Carly Wijs (actress, writer, director), Sanne Nuyens (screenwriter, “De Twaalf”) and Maaike Bleeker (Professor Theatre Studies, Utrecht University)  discussed how (screen)plays are transformed into performances, and how (screen)writers and actors co-create fictional characters.
Moderator: Willemien Sanders