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#4 Algorithms and AI

Let’s Talk Screenwriting!
#4 Algorithms and AI: Shaking up screenwriting in Europe

15 March 2021, 11.00-12.00 CET, online

Algorithms and data analytics are making deeper inroads into screen production in Europe. As film and TV viewers migrate to the web, real-time data from streaming content provide an increasingly granular picture of taste and viewing patterns. Screen workers leverage these data to drive creative decisions – whether it’s with insights from an internal analytics department, AI tools, or a streaming service.

Nina Vindum Rasmussen (King’s College) will talk about the experiences of screenwriters (as well as directors and producers) with AI and data analytics in the European screen media industries. She will zoom in on the (perceived) impact of data analytics on creative work, particularly in the development phase of media content, and the ways in which creative practitioners negotiate possible opportunities, challenges and limitations of data-driven processes.

Nina Vindum Rasmussen (King’s College)

Karin van Es (Utrecht University)
Georg Ramme (Load Studios, Berlin)

Chair: Judith Keilbach (Utrecht University)

Article about the discussion by Davide Abbatescianni