MI3 : Media Industries, Infrastructures and Institutions

Towards sustainable film production in the Netherlands

The increasing pressures on the environment cause every industry to (re)consider its attribution to climate change. This includes the film and television industry whose environmental footprint is massive. The production and distribution of media content consumes a vast amount of energy, creates a lot of waste and emits a large quantity of CO2.

This research project explores the possibilities in moving towards more sustainable film production in the Netherlands. It entails probing into best practices in Europe and across, focus groups with various Dutch film producers and pilot studies. Based on the evaluation of the pilot studies the project will provide recommendations to the Netherlands film fund on how to stimulate sustainable film production.

Research team: Judith Keilbach, Fieke Spoler, Lara Hendrikx, Marijn Kallenberg

Commissioned by the Netherlands Film Fund

Reports about the project can be found here (2021) and here (2023). The Boekmanstichting published an  interview about the project (pp. 48-50, in Dutch) and here is a related KONKAV KAST podcast (in Dutch).