MI3 : Media Industries, Infrastructures and Institutions

Let’s Talk Screenwriting! (2019, 2021)

Let’s Talk Screenwriting! is a series of round table discussions that addresses practices of screenwriting.

Creativity, Viewing Metrics and Performance (2019)

In three round table discussions media studies scholars, screenwriters and other professionals exchanged ideas about how these changes alter creative practices, what they mean for rendering a screenplay into a performance, and how new technology driven information, such as viewing data and direct feedback through social media, impacts screenwriting processes.

#3 From Screenplay to Performance (16 December 2019)

#2 Data-driven Screenwriting (25 November 2019)

#1 Screenwriting and Creativity (28 October 2019)

Algorithms, Writers’ Rooms and Gender Stereotypes (2021)

During the last two decades, transformations in the media and television industries have brought about significant changes in production processes and the work (and role) of screenwriters in particular. In three online events media scholars and screenwriters will discuss the current role of algorithms and data analytics in European screen production, why writers’ rooms are revolutionizing screenwriting processes in Europe and what screenwriters can do to avoid gender stereotypes.

#6 Writing against gender stereotypes (3 May 2021)

#5 Showrunners and writers’ rooms in European television production (12 April 2021)

#4 Algorithms and AI: Shaking up screenwriting in Europe (15 March 2021)